David Allen’s Funeral Service

Funeral services were held on 15 October 2001 on a high meadow on David and Pat’s farm, overlooking Vinegar Hollow, the Jackson River Valley, and Jack Mountain including its high point, Sounding Knob. All photos on this page by John R. Sweet. The funeral announcement also contains a map showing the location of the service. Facilities for the service were provided by Obaugh Funeral Home, McDowell, VA.

Family and friends assemble for the service.

Rev. Lester LaPrade conducts the service.
Sounding Knob is in the background.

      Son-in-law Ron Reed reading remembrances.

Charlie Hupman, Ada Cavalier, and Char Sweet playing during the service.

Ron Reed, Dana Allen Reed, Beth Allen, Dorothy Jean Allen Howell, Thomas C. Howell III.
[son-in-law, daughters, sister, brother-in-law]