Trip Reports and Photos, 2008

Last Update: 8 March 2008

Butler Cave, Bath County, VA, was discovered in 1958. Please visit Gallery 1 for a very brief historical sketch and some early photos of Butler Cave.

6 March 2008:   Just like last year, my first trip into Butler in 2008 was with Phil Lucas and Al Grimm, the purpose being to help Phil with some photography. A few of the results are shown below. All of these photos were taken in the main stream passage between Sand Canyon and the Moon Room or side passages branching from there.   All photos in this section are by Phil Lucas.

John Sweet looking at the gravel cap on a boulder in the main stream passage, left, and Al Grimm investigating the sand plug in a side passage nearby. Our trip came only a few days after a heavy rain, so there was water in this section, which is normally dry. Note the reflection in the left photo. This is another take on the historic photo that we did last year.

John Sweet at a natural bridge in a side passage
near the Moon Room, above.

The Hanging Dong formation beyond the Moon Room,
which we used to call The Chandelier, left.