Mary Heath Sweet

Last Update: 19 December 2003

Photo Gallery 1

Following are photos taken in Iowa between 1907 and 1925.

Mary Heath Ochiltree, on the left, with her sister, Margaret Ochiltree, Avoca, Iowa, 1907. This is a studio portrait but the photographer is unknown.


Mary Heath Ochiltree with her parents, Robert S. and Anna Randall Ochiltree, at their home in Avoca, Iowa, in the spring of 1917 with bridal-wreath spirea in the background. Robert was a rural mail carrier with a reputation for always getting the mail through regardless of the weather. Photographer unknown.

Mary Heath and her dad with their first car, Avoca, Iowa, 1917. The car was a great help for the mail route in good weather but Robert always kept horses so he could make his rounds when winter snows or spring rains made the dirt roads impassable.   Photographer unknown.

Mary Heath Ochiltree, on the left, with her sister, Margaret Ochiltree, perched on a stump in Avoca, Iowa, 1917. I believe this was taken in front of their house. A notation on the back of the photo says, “Zoeller’s house across the street north. Fire engine house far left.”   Photographer unknown.

Mary Heath Ochiltree, at lower left, with her friends, Margaret Russell, at top, and Mary Johansen, at right, Avoca, Iowa, Fall 1917. Margaret still lives in Avoca. She and Mary Heath were life-long friends.   Photographer unknown.


Mary Heath’s mother, Anna Randall Ochiltee, at left, with her older sister, Martha Randall (Aunt Marty), Avoca, Iowa, Fall 1917. It is thought that they are on their way to a Red Cross meeting. Both were active in the Red Cross during The Great War. Marty lived with the Ochiltrees much of the time and helped out around the house.   Photographer unknown.


Mary Heath at age 12, sledding near her home in Avoca, February 1918. Electricity has come to Avoca by this time, as shown by the power pole and street light in the background. The object to the right of the power pole at ground level appears to be a fire hydrant.   Photographer unknown.


Margaret Ochiltree at Aunt Alice & Uncle Frank’s farm near Oakland, Iowa, south of Avoca, 3 December 1922. Margaret and Mary were frequent visotors here. Alice was Marty’s older sister and the last of the Randall siblings born in Virginia before the family moved to Iowa in 1859.   Photographer unknown.


Mary Heath’s high school graduation photo, Avoca High School, June 1924. She began her teaching career in the fall of the same year at a country school east of Avoca.   Photographer unknown.


Mary Heath, at right, with sister Margaret Ochiltree in Council Bluffs, Iowa, in 1925. The Ochiltrees had just moved from Avoca to Council Bluffs.