Mary Heath Sweet

Last Update: 20 December 2003

Photo Gallery 4

Following are photos taken while Mary Heath was living in Arlington and Falls Church, VA, between 1945 and 1990. We lived in Arlington until we bought a house in Falls Church in April 1948. Mother sold the house and moved back to Arlington in 1965, where she lived until May 1991. Unattributed photos are by the author.

Mary Heath Sweet at Beverly Beach, MD, in June 1945.   Photo by Lewis Sweet.

Lewis and Mary Heath Sweet at the back door of our house at 817 West Broad Street, Falls Church, VA, in 1949, the year before Lewis died.


Mary Heath in her living room in Falls Church in 1955. Everything in the photo except the curtains, the low bookcase, and a few of the books we still own today. I can even identify some of the books despite the rather fuzzy photo.

Mary Heath at McKinley Elementary School in Arlington, April 1958. The school was under construction when she returned to teaching after Lewis’s death in 1950. She taught there from 1951 until retiring in 1970.   Photographer unknown.

Mother and Margaret at my college graduation, The University of Virginia, Charlottesville, 12 June 1960. Taken between the West Lawn and West Range beside one of Jefferson’s serpentine walls.


Mary Heath at Ohiopyle, PA, on the bank of the Youghiogheny River at Railroad Rapid, 26 July 1965. The ‘Yough’ is one of the premier whitewater rivers of the eastern US. She was watching her son play in the river.

Mary Heath examining a hall mural, probably made by her fourth-grade students, at McKinley Elementary School in Arlington, December 1968.   Photographer unknown.

Mary Heath Sweet in front of Quinton Arms apartments, 4020 North Washington Blvd, Arlington, VA, 6 June 1974. Her apartment is #202, the four second-floor windows above the lobby and driveway at left – three windows obscured by the tree and the 4th just to the right of it.

Mary Heath Sweet in her living room at Quinton Arms, Arlington, VA, 26 November 1977. As in 1955, everything in the photo except the curtains and a few of the books is still with us.

Mary Heath served as a volunteer at Columbia Hospital for Women in Washington, DC, for many years following her retirement from teaching. Here she is shown with Irene Underwood and Eve Gresser (R) at a hospital picnic, 20 May 1988.   Photographer unknown.

Mary Heath and her niece, Polly Sweet Wagner, in her Arlington apartment in December 1990, a year and a half before moving to Monterey.   Photographer unknown.