Mary Heath Sweet

Created: 22 September 2003

Photo Gallery 8

Following are photos of a portion of Mother’s collection of glassware, china, and other bric-a-brac. She had so much of this sort of thing that it is impossible for us to keep it all and the items shown are mostly those that we have decided not to keep. Many of them have been given to family members and close friends. Most of the rest will be put up for sale at a gallery in Monterey. If any other friends would like to have some of these things please let us know. They range from trinkets to valuable antiques. We really hope that someone will want a sofa pillow or two (Photo 63). There are clearly more than we can use and they will bring little or nothing at a sale. The items were grouped to make reasonable photos — some are coherent groups but in many cases the items in a group are unrelated. A few things appear more than once — we got a bit confused while setting up the shots.

I just got a new digital camera and still have a few quirks to work out. Therefore, many of the pix are a bit darker than they should be. We will be happy to send out a better quality closeup image of any item anyone is especially interested in. The scale shown in most of the photos is in inches.

Photo 10 — Antique swirl glass. There is one more of both the large and small tumblers.Photo 11 — There are 8 of the blue glasses.
Photo 12 — Oops! We are keeping the goblets and sherbet cups. The vase and 8 of the tiny liqueur glasses are available.Photo 13
Photo 14 — The dark guy in front is a wooden box.Photo 15
Photo 16Photo 17 — There are five of the little cups.
Photo 18Photo 19 — There are two of the plate at top.
Photo 20 — The plates are Portuguese.Photo 21
Photo 22 — There are two of the small dishes.Photo 23
Photo 56Photo 25 — It does not show in the photo but the plate is on a short pedestal.
Photo 26 — The dark blue cup is cobalt glass.Photo 27
Photo 28 — There are a pair of the Royal Worcester egg coddlers (at rear).Photo 29 — These are Mexican.
Photo 31 — Fiestaware; these are valuable!Photo 32
Photo 33 — At left is a tile and at right is an enameled copper dish.Photo 34
Photo 35Photo 36
Photo 55Photo 57
Photo 58 — The glass also appears in photo 36 and the bud vase in photo 18.Photo 59
Photo 60Photo 61 — Coffee grinder.
Photo 62 — The butter dish also appears in photo 60 and the sugar bowl in photo 21.Photo 63 — This is not exactly glassware! Mother had more sofa pillows than we can possibly use.
Photo 37 — Here is almost everything in the above photos all in one cupboard. There are several items missing and there are a few oddments in there that are not in the other photographs — but this is a substantially good overview.