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Actions relating to Energy in 2007

Last update: 5 April 2007

Newspaper Articles and Editorials Relating to Legislation

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Facility Siting Prior to Comp Plan Review

Renewable Portfolio Standards

RPS legislation puts the cart before the horse. The only means to meet much of the renewable goal is with wind energy. RPS will mandate the construction of wind turbines without first studying the environmental and social issues they raise and developing siting criteria for them. It is build first, study later legislation. I have prepared a position paper based on the 2007 proposal that develops these thoughts in more detail. The requirements for wind development are less than under the 2006 bill but they still exceed estimates of the available wind resources.

Another critique of SB 1275, by Rick Webb, appeared in The Richmond Times-Dispatch article noted above. Rick’s calculation of the number of turbines mandated by this bill produces a somewhat higher number than mine by choosing somewhat different initial conditions.

Following is the information for the 2006 version of SB 1275. The 2007 bill reduces the renewable target from 20% to 12%, pushes the compliance date out from 2016 to 2020, and includes an energy-efficiency clause. My analysis of the 2006 bill, published in February 2006, contained a data error that understated the number of wind turbines required.

Energy Policy Act of 2006

Electric Utilities Regulation

Energy Conservation and Resources

Complete list of bills relating to Energy Conservation and Resources in the 2007 Legislature.

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