27 January 2005

Board of Supervisors withdraws their height proposal

I was surprised when all of the Supervisors appeared at a routine Planning Commission meeting. It turns out that they were there because they were, in effect, the applicant in this instance and it is normal for the applicant to be present when the PC meets in order to answer questions. [The BOS rejected both earlier versions of the amendment and had the current wording prepared by Counsel, which made them the applicant.] David Johnston called the PC to order and then Jerry Rexrode called the Supervisors to order. Jerry stated that due to actions in Richmond today he wanted to withdraw the zoning amendment. [Apparently Sen. Hanger’s bill moving through committee so quickly is what he referred to.] He also stated that after sending the amendment to the PC last week, upon further consideration he was not comfortable with all aspects of the wording. There was also mention of a letter from HNWD’s attorney, John Flora. After a brief discussion the Supervisors withdrew the amendment and then voted to go into executive session at the courthouse to discuss “legal matters.”

Planning Commission Chairman David Johnston, James Cobb, Lisa Kodger, Harry Sponaugle, Tony Stinnett, Recorder General Manager Anne Adams and reporter Jim Jacenich

After the Supervisors left, the PC agreed that there was no point in discussing a withdrawn proposal so they moved on to other business. It seems likely that the “legal matters” under discussion at the courthouse included the Flora letter and the Hanger bill. It appears that the Supervisors are genuinely conflicted over some of the language in the proposed amendment but they are probably angry with McBride for taking his case directly to the legislature and also annoyed with Hanger for introducing this bill without any consultation or even contact with the Board. That’s about all there is to say right now. This week’s Recorder has some background on some of this.

John R. Sweet, Mustoe, VA