State Corporation Commission of Virginia:

Hearings relating to Wind Energy in Highland County

Last Update: 4 February 2008

Highland New Wind Development — permit appliction with the State Corporation Commission, case no PUE-2005-00101.

The State Corporation Commission has completed public hearings on this project and has issued a permit to HNWD that includes stringent conditions for monitoring wildlife impacts. As of this date no building permit has been sought or any other action taken to begin construction. The information below was prepared for the March 2006 hearings and is retained here for archival purposes only.

The State Corporation Commission has scheduled public hearings to consider the proposal by HNWD for a commercial wind utility on Allegheny Mountain. These hearings are as follows:
            Monday 13 March at 1:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.
            Tuesday 14 March at 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.
All hearings will be in the Highland Elementary School gymnasium on the eastern edge of Monterey.

Citizens wishing to participate should arrive 15 minutes early and sign in with an SCC representative. Speakers will be sworn in. There is no limit on the number of speakers and no time limit for each speaker. Speakers can be “cross-examined” by the hearing examiner and others involved in the case. We understand that such questioning is usually meant to clarify the statements rather than be confrontational.

Those who cannot attend a hearing or who do not wish to testify in person may submit comments in writing on or before 13 March. The deadline has been extended until further notice! Writers must give their full name and address, must sign the letter, must refer to case number PUE-2005-00101, and should include a sentence requesting that the letter be made a part of the record for this proceeding. Letters should be addressed to:
          Clerk of the State Corporation Commission
          Document Control Center
          P O Box 2118
          Richmond, VA 23218-2118
Comments may also be submitted electronically at the SCC web site,   Click on the Public Notices link, locate the HNWD case and click on Submit Comments. This may or may not work properly, depending on the configuration or your computer.

Becoming a formal respondent in the case is much more complicated and is primarily for those able to provide expert testimony and who wish to cross examine witnesses. Respondents must sign up by 10 February. They will participate in a hearing in Richmond at a later date. See the SCC web site for more information.

Talking Points for those wishing to speak or write to the SCC