New Equipment Shed, 2013

Updated: 22 December 2013          


Work began on this project with site preparation last fall, then resumed at the end of April when the crew from Virginia Frame Builders arrived. The building is 80 feet long by 28 feet deep with a three-foot roof overhang in front. It is designed to hold all the hay equipment, the dump truck, trailer, backhoe, mower, and a bunch of miscellaneous stuff.

Under Construction

I am working on the detailed pix — coming soon.
Job site

13 October 2012: This is the job site as seen from the cabin before any work was done.

Site prep

18 November 2012: To get to this point I dug out tons of topsoil and set it aside,
then hauled in about ten truckloads of shale and leveled it out.


2 May 2013: About half of the posts are in place.


3 May 2013: The front and rear beams have now been installed and the roof trusses delivered.


15 May 2013: The trusses have been erected and the purlins are being installed.


22 May 2013: Most of the siding and a few roof panels are now in place.


7 August 2013: The building is complete and much of its contents has been moved in.


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