Tree Work, 2013

Updated: 16 February 2014          


Goodbye to Our Basswood Tree

The large basswood (linden) tree next to our house has been ill for a long time. A large branch fell off about 15 or more years ago and damaged the nearby pear tree. After another limb fell in 2006, we had Eddie Begoon, a professional arborist, evaluate the tree. He felt the wisest course would be removal but we were not ready then so we settled on some major pruning to lighten the crown and remove limbs likely to fall on the house. In 2011 a limb fell, taking out the clothesline and garden fence, then in July of this year an even larger branch fell in almost the same location. That was the last straw so we called Eddie to come back and do the deed.

Eddie could not come himself but sent his crew over in September. In addition to removing the basswood, they trimmed a large maple tree to improve our TV reception and removed a large cherry limb overhanging the warehouse.

Under Construction

I am working on the detailed pix — coming soon.
Basswood limb First cuts
Getting bare

23 July 2013: Upper left, the fallen limb that told us it was time to act.   24 September 2013: Right, Kevin Parker makes the first cuts while Joe Inskeep, Chris Moore and I clean up the ground. Lower left, the crown of the tree is getting bare.

The Crew Base block
Stump Seat

24 September 2013: The work crew: Chris Moore, our farmhand, Kevin Parker and Joe Inskeep of Begoon Tree Service, and me. Photo by Char Sweet.   Top right, the base block from the tree, clearly showing its rotten center.   6 November 2013: The stump would have been very difficult to remove so we put it to good use.


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