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Last Update: 30 October 2011

ADVERTISEMENT:   Our fax machine has crashed. We have quite a few thermal paper rolls we cannot use. They are 328 ft on a 1" core, which is very common for commercial fax machines. Please let us know if you can use this type of paper.   Thanks!


In January 2006 our composite materials business moved and is under new management. We are now doing business as
6211 Ridge Drive,   Bethesda, MD   20816-2641

Now under the management of David and Jennifer Hearn, pretty much everything remains the same except that our hours have changed slightly, now
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern US time,
Monday through Friday

Our composites catalog can be found at
which still looks a lot like it always has.

Topographic Mapping Services

We provide overlays for USGS topographic maps and orthophoto maps to show various types of geographic infomation, anywhere in Virginia or West Virginia.

Topo map
The drainage basin of East Back Creek above 2800 ft elevation, Highland County, VA.
The area is 980 acres = 1.53 sq mi. This information is useful for estimating
flood flows if one wants to install a bridge or culvert, for example.

Valley profile
Profile across the East Back Creek valley from Lantz Mountain at left [3697 ft]
to Back Creek Mountain at right [3936 ft]. The distance is 1.74 miles.
This shows the relative steepness of the two mountains.
The maximum grade is 54% on Lantz Mtn and 46% on Back Creek Mtn.

View profile
What is that peak I see in the distance?
Line-of-sight profile from an overlook on Warm Springs Mountain [3275 ft]
to Paddy Knob [4489 ft], a distance of 14.3 miles.
We are looking slightly west of true north, a bearing of 352°.
The intermediate high point is Back Creek Mtn [3692 ft], 8.4 miles away.
The Jackson River valley is five miles distant and Back Creek about 11 miles.

Pruitt tract
Boundaries of a tract of land shown on an orthophoto map. One corner was located
accurately, then the survey lines were plotted using the metes and bounds
in the deed description, adjusted slightly to permit closure of the loop.
The perimeter is 3367 feet and encloses 7.15 acres.

Please contact us if we can help you with mapping issues of any sort.

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